ERP, CRM & Industry 4.0

Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise solutions team has experience in ERP implementations across the Globe and have worked with varied industries including Chemicals, Manufacturing , Finance and Real Estate. Our Enterprise solutions are tailor made keeping in mind that every business is unique . Our capabilities include ERP and CRM Consulting with an On Premise, Cloud and Coexistence model including Design, Development and Implementation for a wide range of Industry Verticals, Business Process Consulting, SaaS and Cloud enablement.


Our SAP solutions are delivered in partnership with the most capable SAP certified consultants and as such we provide a wide array of services

We build

  • Enterprise SAP consulting and implementation
  • ABAP Development
  • SAP HANA solutions
  • SAP Hybris solutions


The practice at Teqnobloc provides consulting services to help clients need for end-to-end solutions and services for supply chain management and enterprise management combined with Oracle]s proven product capabilites.

We build

  • Application Management
  • E-Business Suite consulting
  • Fusion Cloud consulting
  • Oracle Log Fire consulting

Custom ERP/Cloud ERP

If you need a fit for purpose, custom ERP solution to be built from scratch for your organisation, TEQNOBLOC is the right partner for you. With our wide expertise in ERP implementations for sizes, scale and platforms we are well positioned to design and deliver a high performance enterprise suite for your organisation.

We build

  • Android Application
  • IOS Applications
  • Cross Platform Mobile Applications

Robotic Process Automation

TEQNOBLOC can help manufacturers implement Robotic process automation than give more flexibility and dramatically improve efficiency on the manufacturing shop floor.
Manufacturers can expand machining capabilities, reduce cycle time, and improve part quality while converting the work force into fully automation drive work cells.

Industry 4.0

TEQNOBLOC helps enable Industry 4.0 solutions to create smarter factories that hyper connected in a cyber-physical environment.

In essence we create a digital factory where real-time communications between man and machine are extended to a virtual world of Internet of things.

Integration with other Production Enterprise software such as MES, ERP, PLM, Logistics and Supply Chain solutions, along with a continuously improving working model ensures that our solutions can be a part of smaller factories to Mega-Factories.

Business Process Digitization

From back office to the front office, Enterprises need a realistic way to holistically digitize all their business process.
TEQNOBLOC can address this mandate, and help enterprises move to the next level . By coupling business operations with digital customer experience at the front end and leveraging the power of data, enterprises and organisations can truly become and behave like digital institutions.